The Downloads

The client can be downloaded, precompiled and ready to run. DC++ runs on any recent Windows version (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) as well as under Wine.

If you have experience in C++ programming, the source code for DC++ is also available. To compile DC++, you will need either the tools from MinGW or Microsoft Visual Studio. Refer to the compiling guide for more information.

DC++ is distributed with language files included. By default it will use the language specified in Windows locale settings. You can change it in Settings > Appearance > Language. Found errors or omissions in DC++'s interface of your native? You can help translating DC++ to your own language using our web-based translating interface.

Package information

The DC++ distribution has three files:

A Windows Installer that sets up DC++ for immediate usage on both 32 and 64 bit systems (into your Program Files folder, with shortcuts and user profile support).
This file is of the form DCPlusPlus-###.exe.

A binary archive that can be unzipped anywhere and is usable right away (portable version, without any shortcuts or registry information created).
This file is of the form for 32 bit systems and for 64 bit systems.

An archive with the source code that was used for compiling and creating the executable distributed in the other packages; for experienced programmers.
This file is of the form

All available downloads

Notable changes in DC++ 0.843:

Among a plethora of improvements and bug fixes, DC++ 0.850 includes the following major enhancements over DC++ 0.831: - Filtering of shared files. - Menu and icon improvements. - Connection fixes. - Security fixes, especially regarding keyprints and certificate generation. - And most of all, many tweaks here and there to make your DC++ experience more enjoyable! :) The DC Plugin Repository is available at the DC++ home page or directly from the Plugins settings pane. Plugins are a work in progress, but the following ones are already quite usable: - Chat formatting to match expressions and customize colors, etc. - Spellchecker, compatible with Mozilla / LibreOffice dictionaries. - Inserter to quickly paste text with keyboard shortcuts. - Script plugin to execute Lua scripts. DC++ 0.842 prevents information leak (TLS heartbleed attack). DC++ 0.843 fixes a way to remotely crash any DC++ logged to an NMDC hub. DC++ 0.850 fixes and hardens security related functions further to avoid popular TLS exploits and more

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