This page presents various links to the available support resources for DC++ and the Direct Connect network.

DC++ Web based online Help documentation

Web help is a web-based version of the multilingual built-in Help documentation of DC++. It provides description for every single element of the user interface, contains comprehensive information for starters as well as FAQs for solving the most common usage problems of DC++. Sometimes it has updated content compared to the Help released in the latest DC++ package.

DC++ support FAQ

This FAQ has the answers to the most frequent support questions and is maintained on the DC++ support and development center at Launchpad. It's highly recommended to browse these answers before you ask for support as there is a high chance that your question has already been answered. There is another well-documented site at DSLReports containing FAQs for the Direct Connect network in general. You can find answers for general questions about clients, hub software and hublists there.

DC++ Questions Tracker

This is the primary support place for DC++ where you can ask questions to the DC++ support team. Before you ask, please search through other similar questions as there is a high chance that your question has already been answered. Also, please keep in mind that the DC++ Question Tracker is for questions specific to DC++; as such, it is not the right place to ask for problems with other network members (hubs, hublists, etc).

Bug/Request Tracker

The place where you can report bugs found in DC++. Reporting a bug generally helps the development but before you file your bug entry, please make sure that your problem is a real bug, it has not been reported yet and that your report will be as helpful as possible. You can also use this tracker to propose feature requests and ideas for DC++.

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