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Chat plugin
This plugin can be used to control chat formatting: you can define chat expressions to match and customizations or behaviors to apply to them (e.g. change the font or the color, play a sound, etc...). Download DC++ team
Developer Plugin
Plugin for developers: network traffic analysis and ability to send custom commands. Also a replacement for the former Search Spy function. Download DC++ team
Description Rotator
Rotates between multiple user descriptions that appears besides your nick in the hubs' user list. Various descriptions, rotation intervals and the display of the online time are configurable in per hub basis. Download DC++ team
Appear as an operator in hubs where you aren't! Download poy
Inserter Plugin
This plugin registers keyboard shortcuts to insert preconfigured text into the chat windows of your DC client. Download DC++ team
LoL Plugin
Exchange League of Legends profile information with other users. It adds a user command called "Open LoL profile" which sends a DOID request. When it receives a DOID response, it displays the profile in a website. Works on ADC hubs only. Download DC++ team
Media Player Plugin
Sends media player spam to chat. Media player software supported: Winamp Download iceman50
Punctuator Plugin
Disallows sending non-punctuated chat messages. Messages can be prefixed with "/punc" to force sending them without punctuation. Download poy
Scripting Plugin
The Scripting Plugin adds scripting support to your DC client (currently supported script language: Lua). All the BCDC++ client side Lua scripts are included, except the formatting script as the new Chat Plugin should manage that function better. After the plugin installation and setup, your DC client needs to be restarted to make the plugin work. Download DC++ team
Spell Checker Plugin

This plugin is for spell checking messages being typed anywhere in your DC client. It uses the HunSpell engine thus you need to download and unpack the dictionary files corresponding to your language from one the following repositories (best ones listed first):

After downloading you should add the dictionary file to the list of used dictionaries in the plugin's config dialog. Multiple dictionaries can be added and you can select the one you want to use at a time.

Download DC++ team

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