Users Users

This window shows the list of all users of the hubs you connected in the current DC++ session as well as all the detailed information associated with every listed user. It's possible to quickly find any online user from any connected hub and easily keep track of your favorite users, too. With its powerful filtering capabilities this window provides the functionality of the former Favorite Users and Waiting Users window.

User list columns

The blue star icon shows that this particular user is a favorite. Click the icon to add or remove the user from the favorites.
Auto grant slot
The icon indicates that DC++ should auto grant a favorite user a slot or not. If the indicator is green, DC++ will automatically grant the user a slot; you can click the icon to toggle. The function works only for users already set to favorite.
The nick of the user.
Hub (last seen in, if offline)
Which hub you saw this user the last time.
Status / Time last seen
For normal users this column shows the online status. For favorite users it shows which specific date and time you saw this user the last time; or "Online" if the favorite user is currently online.
Brief description for the user. You can change this description by either selecting "Description" from the context menu or by pressing the Enter key. The description is saved for favorite users only.
Client ID of the user.

User list context menu commands

Connect to hub
This menu item shows only for favorite users. If the user is online this will select the first hub where he/she is connected. If the user is offline you can use this function to connect to the hub where this favorite user last seen in.
Edit the brief description of the user (shown in the Description column).
Get file list
Download the file list of the selected users.
Browse file list
Download only the required pieces of the file lists of the selected users in form of a partial file list. Note that you may not able to fully exploit certain file list functions in a partial list window until you get the whole list using the "Download full list" button.
Match queue
Matches the files in your download queue to the file lists of the selected users. 2 files are considered to be the same if their TTH is the same. If matches are found in one user's file list, she will be added as a source for the relevant downloads.
Send private message
Open Private Message windows to chat privately with the selected users.
Grant extra slot
In addition to your regular upload slots, an extra upload slot will be given to the selected users until the end of the current DC++ session.
Remove user from queue
Remove the selected users from the source list of all queued files. Pending file list requests will be removed as well.
Ignore chat
Add user matching definitions (or modify existing ones, if possible) to ignore chat messages from the selected users.
Un-ignore chat
Add user matching definitions (or modify existing ones, if possible) to stop ignoring chat messages from the selected users.
Copy user information
Copy a few lines containing user information to the clipboard. The data may include: the user's nick(s), her hub address(es), her IP, country, email, CID (not exhaustive). When multiple users are selected, each user information blob is separated with a blank line.
Add to favorites
Adds the selected users to your Favorite Users list.
Deletes the actual item from the list. If the corresponding setting in Confirm dialog options is enabled, you will be prompted before the removal.
Remove all
Deletes all the selected items from the list. If the corresponding setting in Confirm dialog options is enabled, you will be prompted before the removal.
Allows copying the content of any column to the clipboard. An "All columns" command is available as well to gather all the columns in the copied text (one column per copied line).

Details pane (right)

This pane shows you all the available details sent by the DC client of the selected user. The number of records shown can heavily depend on what kind of user selected, what protocol it uses, etc... For example you can get the most information from an ADC client user while the amount of available information from a hub bot is usually very small.

Filters (bottom)

The user list can be filtered by text, online status and file transfer activity. The following options are available:

Text filter

The filter, consisting of an input box, a column selection box and a method selection box, can help filter the list on the fly based on textual matching. You can filter the contents of any individual column or the whole list. There are three filtering methods available to choose from: excact word match, partial word match or match a regular expression. Note that filtered results are not removed from the list; they can at any time be restored by just clearing the filter out.
The filter input box can be focused with Alt+I.
Eg writing "foo" in the filter input box, selecting "Nick" and "Partial match" will only display users that have "foo" in their nick.

If enabled the user list shows online users only, it will filter out all users who are currently offline (not connected to any hub where you are currently logged in).
If enabled the user list shows only your favorite users.
Pending download
If enabled the user list will show those users whom you're currently downloading from.
Pending upload
If enabled the user list will show those users who are waiting for a free slot to be able to start downloading from you (functionality of the former Waiting Users window). These users have have queued one more files from you, but haven't been able to get a slot.