This lists your current connections to other peers in the network, uploads (from you to the other peer) and downloads (from the other peer to you).


The name of the file being transferred.
Shows where the current download will be saved when finished, or the path of the upload in the file system.
Shows the current status of the connection; can be one of: Connecting, Downloading, Uploading, No slots available, Idle, Disconnected or Terminated. During data transfer you can see here the name of the file, the current chunk of the file being downloaded from the connected peer and maybe one or more letters in [box brackets] as well. These letters specify the properties of the transfer:
The nick of the connected user.
The hub which the user connected through.
Time left
The estimated time left to complete the transfer, computed from the current speed.
The current up or download speed.
Transferred (Ratio)
Amount of bytes transferred so far. The compression ratio is added between parentheses (if applicable).
Size of the transfer.
Details on the encryption of the transfer (if applicable).
IP address of the connected peer.
Country of the connected peer (if available).

Context menu commands

Search for alternates
Will open a new Search window to search for alternate sources for the selected file.
Lookup TTH at
Will trigger the default browser to lookup the TTH of the selected file at
Copy magnet link to clipboard
Will copy the file's magnet link to the clipboard.
Get file list
Download the file list of the selected users.
Browse file list
Download only the required pieces of the file lists of the selected users in form of a partial file list. Note that you may not able to fully exploit certain file list functions in a partial list window until you get the whole list using the "Download full list" button.
Match queue
Matches the files in your download queue to the file lists of the selected users. 2 files are considered to be the same if their TTH is the same. If matches are found in one user's file list, she will be added as a source for the relevant downloads.
Send private message
Open Private Message windows to chat privately with the selected users.
Grant extra slot
In addition to your regular upload slots, an extra upload slot will be given to the selected users until the end of the current DC++ session.
Remove user from queue
Remove the selected users from the source list of all queued files. Pending file list requests will be removed as well.
Ignore chat
Add user matching definitions (or modify existing ones, if possible) to ignore chat messages from the selected users.
Un-ignore chat
Add user matching definitions (or modify existing ones, if possible) to stop ignoring chat messages from the selected users.
Copy user information
Copy a few lines containing user information to the clipboard. The data may include: the user's nick(s), her hub address(es), her IP, country, email, CID (not exhaustive). When multiple users are selected, each user information blob is separated with a blank line.
Add to favorites
Adds the selected users to your Favorite Users list.
Sets the priority of the selected transfer's corresponding item in the download queue.
Force attempt
Forces DC++ to try to connect to the user immediately.
Forces DC++ to disconnect the user immediately.
Allows copying the content of any column to the clipboard. An "All columns" command is available as well to gather all the columns in the copied text (one column per copied line).