Finished downloads Finished downloads

Note that file list logging must be enabled for them to appear in this window.

The list of finished files are grouped in two ways: by files and by users. You can select between the two grouped lists using tabs that appear in the top of the window. In both lists a new item will appear right away when the first chunk of a file downloaded.


The date and time the file finished downloading.
The name of the downloaded file.
The path to the downloaded file.
The sources' nick name.
File size
The size of the file downloaded.
The number of transferred bytes.
% transferred
Shows how many percent of the file transferred.
The average speed for the file.
CRC Checked
Whether or not the file was CRC checked. Note that Enable automatic SFV checking must be enabled, and the file needs to have an accompanying SFV file.
Which hub the source was on.
Which files were downloded from the user.
The total time, in seconds, that it took for the file to be transferred.

Context menu commands

View as text

It will open the file (stored locally) in a text viewer window.

This function is useful for previewing small text based info files as they may contain more information about other files in the same folder. Note that only plain text files will be shown correctly. For files of other format you must download and open them with their respective viewer application. You can open downloaded files from the Finished downloads window using the Open menu command.

Search for alternates
Will open a new Search window to search for alternate sources for the selected file.
Lookup TTH at
Will trigger the default browser to lookup the TTH of the selected file at
Copy magnet link to clipboard
Will copy the file's magnet link to the clipboard.
Opens the file with its respective external viewer software. You should have the appropriate viewer / player software installed and correctly registered to be able to open the file.
Open folder
Opens the selected folder (or the folder containing the selected file) in Windows Explorer.
Shell menu
Opens the Windows shell menu as submenu items. This menu contains the same items as in the context menu of Windows Explorer. Note that the submenu elements will be loaded the time when it is opened. If you have large number of context menu items registered with Windows it may take a few seconds to show the full menu.
Get file list
Download the file list of the selected users.
Browse file list
Download only the required pieces of the file lists of the selected users in form of a partial file list. Note that you may not able to fully exploit certain file list functions in a partial list window until you get the whole list using the "Download full list" button.
Match queue
Matches the files in your download queue to the file lists of the selected users. 2 files are considered to be the same if their TTH is the same. If matches are found in one user's file list, she will be added as a source for the relevant downloads.
Send private message
Open Private Message windows to chat privately with the selected users.
Grant extra slot
In addition to your regular upload slots, an extra upload slot will be given to the selected users until the end of the current DC++ session.
Remove user from queue
Remove the selected users from the source list of all queued files. Pending file list requests will be removed as well.
Ignore chat
Add user matching definitions (or modify existing ones, if possible) to ignore chat messages from the selected users.
Un-ignore chat
Add user matching definitions (or modify existing ones, if possible) to stop ignoring chat messages from the selected users.
Copy user information
Copy a few lines containing user information to the clipboard. The data may include: the user's nick(s), her hub address(es), her IP, country, email, CID (not exhaustive). When multiple users are selected, each user information blob is separated with a blank line.
Add to favorites
Adds the selected users to your Favorite Users list.
Deletes the actual item from the list. If the corresponding setting in Confirm dialog options is enabled, you will be prompted before the removal.
Remove all
Deletes all the selected items from the list. If the corresponding setting in Confirm dialog options is enabled, you will be prompted before the removal.
Allows copying the content of any column to the clipboard. An "All columns" command is available as well to gather all the columns in the copied text (one column per copied line).

Status bar

Only show fully downloaded files
When this check-box is checked (which is the case in the default configuration), only files that are fully downloaded (which are not anymore in the Download queue) appear in the "Finished downloads grouped by files" list.
When this check-box is not checked, an item appears in that list as soon as a chunk of the corresponding file has finished downloading.
# Items
The amount of items that you have downloaded (received).
# bytes
The amount in bytes that you have downloaded (received).
# bytes/seconds
The average speed of the files you have downloaded (received).