Automatic Directory Listing Search Automatic Directory Listing Search

What is Automatic Directory Listing Search?

Automatic Directory Listing Search (ADLSearch) is a tool for searching of file lists downloaded from users. Create a new ADLSearch entering 'avi' as search string for example. When you download a directory listing from a user, all avi-files will be placed in a special folder called <<<ADLSearch>>>.


Enabled / Search String
This is the set of search strings to search for. The checkbox indicates whether the search is active (box checked) or inactive (box unchecked).
Source Type

One of following values:

Matches search against filename.
Matches against current subdirectory and places the whole structure in the special folder.
Full Path
Matches against whole directory + filename.
Destination Directory
Sets the output folder for a search. Multiple folders with different names can exist simultaneously. Each folder name gets wrapped in <<< and >>>.
Min Size
Sets the lower limits for file size. This is unused for Directory searches.
Max Size
Sets the upper limits for file size. This is unused for Directory searches.

Buttons / Context menu commands

Create a new ADLSearch entry.
Change pre-existing ADLSearch properties for the selected entries.
Move up
Move up selected ADLSearch entries in the list.
Move down
Move down selected ADLSearch entries in the list.
Removes selected ADLSearch entries from the list.
Launch this help file.

Description of some other common context menu options are listed in the Listview-related menu commands page.

Extra Features

  1. There is a new option in the context menu (right-click) for directory listings. It is called 'Go to directory' and can be used to jump to the original location of the file or directory in the filelist.
  2. If you use time formatting variables, they will be replaced by today's date. If you use %[nick] it will be replaced by the nick of the user you download the directory listing from.
  3. If you name a destination directory 'discard', it will not be shown in the total result. Useful with the feature below to remove uninteresting results.
  4. There is a setting called Break on First ADLSearch Match. If enabled, ADLSearch will stop after the first match for a specific file/directory.The order in the ADLSearch windows is therefore important. Example: Add a search item at the top of the list with string='xxx' and destination='discard'. It will catch many pornographic files and they will not be included in any following search results.