Shared directories

To add directories to your share, you can use the Add and Remove buttons, or drag and drop folders from a Windows Explorer window. Beginning with version 0.4032, files will be shared only once they have been hashed.

If you enter the Sharing tab and press OK; the client may appear to freeze, this is due to a refresh of the file list.

Add folder
Browse for a new folder to add to your share. If another existing file shares that name, the new name will be made unique by adding another letter to its name. After selecting the directory to add, you will be able to pick the Virtual Name that it will be shown under when other users see your files. You are allowed to merge different folders into one virtual folder using the same Virtual Name. Their content will be shown as one folder in your filelist. If the newly added files have not been hashed, the Hash Progress Dialog will display. You can choose to let it display, or let hashing continue in the background.
Change the virtual name on a shared folder. Note: the client will appear to freeze when you exit settings, this is due to a refresh of the file list.
Remove the selected folder(s).
Upload slots
Configure the number of slots that other users can occupy to download files from you. A remote user can use only one slot for each hub that they're on with you. DC++ supports uploading file lists and files below 512 KiB to other DC++ users without requiring a slot. There's a max of 3 connections in addition to normal slots, these are called mini slots.
Note: If a user leaves the hub, DC++ will close his slots; if the user is back within 10 minutes, DC++ will grant him a slot. (This will only happen if Automatically disconnect users who leave the hub is enabled.) This can cause your upload slots to go over the maximum set in settings.
Automatically open an extra slot if speed is below (0 = disable)
If the average upload speed drops below the given number, an additional upload slot will be granted. These slots are granted once every 30 seconds at maximum. If the speed of the original uploads increases, the granted slot will not be closed.
Max extra upload slots
Configure the number of maximum extra slots. Default is 3.