Proxy settings for outgoing connections

These settings provide possibility of using a SOCKS5 proxy server for outgoing connections.

Direct connection
Select this mode if you can make unrestricted outbound connections. This includes connecting to any IP address on any port. Choose this option if unsure.
Select this mode if you want to make outbound connections through a SOCKS proxy. The caveats for Passive mode also apply here. SOCKS5 proxies are not the same as HTTP proxies. DC++'s SOCKS5 support does not include GSSAPI.


Socks IP
This is the IP, not host name, of your SOCKS5 server.
The port that your SOCKS5 server runs on. The default is 1080.
Login name for the SOCKS5 proxy; may be required.
Password for the SOCKS5 proxy; may be required.
Use SOCKS5 server to resolve host names
Enable this to use the SOCKS5 proxy, instead of the local name server, to resolve host names into IP addresses.