Experts only

Max hash speed
This is the speed at which DC++ will hash your files, in MiB/s. It is limited by the speed of your disk subsystem, but it can be used to make hashing slower and less noticable. A "normal" hash speed may be anywhere from 20 to 50 MiB/s. (no default)
Write buffer size
This controls the size of the chunks that DC++ writes to disk for downloads. Measured in kibibytes. (default: 16 KiB)
Auto-search limit
This will limit the amount of online sources a file can have before it will no longer be auto searched for. For example, if this option is set to 2, if a file has more than or exactly 2 sources online, the file will be excluded from the auto-search list. (default: 5 sources)
Auto-search interval
This will set the time interval between auto searches. Specified in seconds and defaults to 120 seconds (cannot be lower than this).
Mini slot size
This value defines a file size border for mini slots; a mini slot will be given to peers on requesting files below this size. The minimum value for this setting is 512 KiB. (default: 512 KiB)
Max filelist size
This setting controls the size of the maximum file list that DC++ will open, in mebibytes. This setting helps protect against malformed file lists that require large amounts of memory to decode. You may need to reduce or increase the value of this setting based on personal experience. (default: 512 MiB)
This is your unique private ID (PID). This will later with an algorithm be used to identify you on ADC hubs. Do not share this with other users.
Auto refresh time
This controls the interval at which your shared directories are rescanned for new and changed content. This is measured in minutes. (default: 60 minutes)
Settings save interval
This controls the interval at which your settings are automatically saved; good to prevent losses in case of crashes. This is measured in minutes. (default: 10 minutes)
Socket read buffer
The size of the buffer DC++ use to read sockets. Measured in bytes. (default: 8192 bytes)
Socket write buffer
The size of the buffer DC++ use to write to sockets. Measured in bytes. (default: 8192 bytes)
Max PM windows
The maximum amount of Private Message windows that are allowed to be opened at the same time. (default: 50)
When a Private Message window can't be opened because this setting would not be satisfied, the chat message that spawned it will be shown in its originating Hub window instead.
Max protocol command length
The amount of protocol data DC++ will maximally manage. This setting help protect against potentially malicious clients and hubs. Measured in bytes. (default: 524288 bytes)
Whitelisted URIs to open
URIs to automatically open without a security prompt. Use semicolon to separate multiple URIs. Default is http:;https:;www;mailto: