User Command

Command Types:

Adds a separator to the menu
Sends raw command to the hub (experts only, end it with '|' in NMDC hubs and '\n' in ADC hubs!)
Sends command as if you were typing it in the chat
Sends command as if you sent it by PM


Contexts determine where the command is shown.

Hub Menu
Hub tab (at the top of the screen) context menu
User Menu
User context menu in chat and PM tab menu
Search Menu
Search context menu
File list Menu
File list context menu


Name as displayed in the menu (use '/' to create sub-menus, and '//' to actually write a slash)
Command text (may contain any of the variables listed below). Use Ctrl + Enter to create a new line.
Hub address
Hub address as typed when connecting. "op" = NMDC hubs where you are an operator, "adc://" = all ADC hubs, "adc://op" = ADC hubs where you are an operator, "adcs://" = all secured ADC hubs. If empty, and the "Raw" type is selected, then only NMDC hubs will match; if empty, and the "Chat" or "Private Message" types are selected, then all hubs will match regardless of their protocol.
Private Message recipient
Send once per nick.
Send only once per user from search or file lists, regardless of how many files have been selected per user.


In the parameters, you can use %[xxx] variables and date/time specifiers (%Y, %m, ...). The following variables are also available:

In addition to these variables, all of the ADC INF flags are available, with the following prefixes: my, user, and hub. Some may not be available on NMDC hubs. Many useful ones are enumerated below:

Compatibilty Variables