Favorite hub groups

Favorite hub groups help organize favorite hubs and set global properties onto them. They appear as sub-menus when using the arrow next to the Favorite Hubs toolbar button. They are also used in the Connect to a favorite hub group, Close all hubs of a favorite group and Close hubs not in a favorite group commands of the main "Window" menu.


Lists currently defined favorite hub groups.


Update the currently selected group by changing its properties as defined in the Group properties portion of this dialog.


Remove the currently selected groups. When the groups being removed already contain favorite hubs, a question will be asked to find out what to do about them; whether to remove them as well as the group, or to keep them.

Group properties

This is a place to fill in per-group properties. When a group is selected in the above list, controls residing in this portion will synchronize to reflect the properties of the selected group. These properties can then be updated using the "Update" button.


Unique name to identify this group; must not be already in use by another group.

Add to the list

Add the current group definition to the list of favorite hub groups. No other group shall have the same name as the one trying to be added.