File-related menu commands

These commands are available in the context menus of various lists containing files. For commands unique to different windows refer to the Help page of the corresponding window.

Search for alternates
Will open a new Search window to search for alternate sources for the selected file.
Lookup TTH at
Will trigger the default browser to lookup the TTH of the selected file at
Copy magnet link to clipboard
Will copy the file's magnet link to the clipboard.
Adds the selected file(s) or director(ies) to the Download Queue. They will be downloaded to the Default download directory.
Download to...
Adds the selected file(s) or director(ies) to the Download Queue. The download target can be selected using the submenu elements : either a predefined place from the Download Favorites or any other folder specified using the Browse... submenu.
Opens the file with its respective external viewer software. You should have the appropriate viewer / player software installed and correctly registered to be able to open the file.
Open folder
Opens the selected folder (or the folder containing the selected file) in Windows Explorer.
Shell menu
Opens the Windows shell menu as submenu items. This menu contains the same items as in the context menu of Windows Explorer. Note that the submenu elements will be loaded the time when it is opened. If you have large number of context menu items registered with Windows it may take a few seconds to show the full menu.